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Occassions Program Bring in new pens for every occassion with our Occassions Program.  You can select how many holidays you want to carry...the more you pick, the more you save!  Two months before the specific holiday season, will we ship your pens along with a custom header.  This is a great way to always have fun, new designs for your customers.
Sparkle Hearts with White Barrel and gem Part# PTRV01
Love Cap with Maroon Barrel and gem Part# PTRV03
Candy Heart Cap with Purple Barrel and gem Part# PTRV04
Decorated Hearts with Frosty Red Barrel and gem Part# PTRV02
Grad Cap with Black Barrel Part# PTRE01
Thank You Cap with White Barrel Part# PTRE03
Teacher Cap with Lime Green Barrel Part# PTRE04
Grad Caps Cap wiht Blue Barrel Part# PTRE02
Sunset Cap with Purple Barrel Part# PTRS01
Flip Flops Cap with Red Barrel Part# PTRS03
Stars Cap with Blue Barrel Part# PTRS04
Beach Cap with Mod Purple Barrel Part# PTRS02
Mushrooms Cap with Orange Barrel Part# PTRF01
Scary Cat Cap with Black Barrel Part# PTRF03
Pumpkin Cap with Purple Barrel Part# PTRF04
Leaves Cap with Dark Green Barrel Part# PTRF02
Snowflakes Cap with Frosty Red Barrel Part# PTRH03
Candy Cane Cap with Frosty Gold Barrel Part# PTRH04
Reindeer Cap with Frosty Silver Barrel Part# PTRH01
Ornaments Cap with Frosty Green Barrel Part# PTRH02
Mom’s Gift Cap with Red Barrel Part# PTR01
Best Mom Cap with Maroon Barrel Part# PTRM03
Cupcakes Cap with Teal Barrel Part# PTRM04
Flowers Cap with Purple Barrel Part# PTRM02